normal outreach

17/04/2024 12:00

It's good to have a normal outreach week going. With building works and weather, this has not always been possible in recent weeks. I street preached yesterday morning and it was a lovely morning with no chance of rain. We've had rain every day for weeks and almost months. It's not raining all day, but frequently most days. So, the change in weather right now is a breath of fresh (and dry) air.

Today I put out Gospel flyers and had asked the Lord for a divine appointment. He gave me two. One was with a vere nice middle aged Muslim man. He enjoyed the conversation as we spoke about Islam and Christianity. I'd love to have further opportunity and invited him to visit our church. The second was with a very fit 73 year old man who was working in his garden. Although it wasn't raining, it was mid 40's with a steady 20 plus mile an hour wind. I saw the Lord's hand in giving these conversations despite the cold.

Lord willing, we will do door to door on Saturday to finish up our evangelism this week. That is the plan. Thanks for your prayers for our outreach and ministry.

We've also advanced the building works by finishing the walls in the sound room and shower room. Finishing work takes a lot of time, but we are getting there. We've also begun redecorating our handicapped toilet (restroom.) This room was damaged by a leak which has now been sorted. The Lord actually helped Nelson and I to find it and fix it. Many of your were praying for it to be fixed and we praise the Lord for His help in identifying the source of the problem.