Not observing the rain....

17/02/2014 21:53

I preached yesterday on the passage in Ecclesiastes which speaks about the lazy person that looks at the wind and rain and doesn't get out sowing or harvesting. So, despite the chance of rain, I got out and did flyers this morning. It never really rained enough to get me wet. It was just very humid. :) It wasn't an awesome morning for divine appointments it seems, but I did have one rather unusual encounter. I met a relation to someone who has visited our church. This is a bit unusual because I was a few miles away from our immediate area in the outskirt of Edinburgh. Please pray that God will encourage this man in His walk with him. He comes from a religious family.

I enjoyed listening to Evangelist John Van Gelderen as I was walking. Our evangelistic meetings with Brother John were a year ago this week. God gave us a great year last year and we are anticipating more of the same by His grace. Please keep praying for the Lord to really open some doors for our ministry. Thanks for keeping up with what God is doing at FBC in Loanhead.