Odds and Ends

01/08/2012 10:56

Here are updated and new prayer requests.

1.) Although we liked the home which we viewed very much, we felt like the Lord wanted us to wait.  So, we are still praying and waiting on God's provision for housing. We are content to stay where we are as long as the Lord desires.

2.)  Parker has a Dr.'s appointment on the 6th.  (Parker is 5 and Nelson is 2.  But, Nelson weighs more than Parker.) Parker has had some stomache issues that we are concerned about.  Please pray for God's direction.

3.)  Logan had major surgery 6 years ago when he was 6 months old.  He had craniosynostosis *(a premature fusion of the soft spot in the back of his head).  They basically took out a large section of his skull and reshaped his head with multiple soft spots.  Those spots should have filled in with bone.  However, there are two large open areas on either side of his head and many small areas yet unfilled. He had a CT Scan last January that confirmed these openings.  We are consulting with a plastic surgeon on the 17th. The bone should continue to fill in until he turns 7.  (That would give him one more year from the time of the scan last January.)  Please pray that God would develop Logan's skull and that we will have wisdom about the Lord's will if medical intervention appears necessary.

Thank you for taking these needs to the Lord.