Odds and Ends

18/03/2013 15:39

I forgot to mention yesterday that the Lord gave me a divine appointment after church. I witnessed to a young man for half an hour. The Lord gave wisdom as we talked. I want to be careful to let you know when the Lord provides those opportunities. Please keep praying for more opportunities to speak about the Lord.

Our visas have been received and I believe they are being processed. The next step is to submit our "biometric" information. This includes a face scan and fingerprints. Once that is completed, we should be done with our part of the process.

I spent today working on the flyer. I'm still tweaking it, but will get a image of it uploaded to our website when it is finished. Thanks for praying.

Tonight we are getting some messy weather which included high winds and snow. It's supposed to continue through tomorrow morning. Yes, I am excited!