Offer with management....

07/11/2022 11:21

We had confirmation this morning from the company who own the property of interest and they have forwarded the offer up to the managing director. Please pray for favour in the eyes of the seller and that God would help us to negotiate the right price for this property. We are hopeful of an open door, but are content to let God be God and do as He sees best.

Meanwhile, it's been raining a lot. I was able to get out this morning (in the rain) and put out about 150 + flyers. Please pray that God will use His truth to point people to THE TRUTH of Jesus Christ. I didn't speak with anyone but enjoyed listening to some Scripture as I walked.

Tomorrow is an exciting day of ministry. We are hosting a Pastor's Fellowship and Brother Jim Wright will be speaking. If the weather will cooperate, we hope to go hill walking afterwards. Pleaser pray for the 7 missionary entities that have made plans to be in attendance. We need God to strengthen our hands. Thanks for praying.

PS. Bonfire night is when you get to see fireworks and a LARGE bonfire in Scotland. Our family and some church families enjoyed going to Peebles, a nearby villagem on Bonfire Night for a spectacular bonfire and fireworks display.