Ok, it's cold, really cold for Scotland...

12/12/2022 11:23

Because of the jet stream and the gulf stream, Scotland has a moderate climate. Our temperatures fluctuate between 33 and 65 degrees. Anything outside of those parameters is unusual. When I ran this morning it was 19 degrees. We've also have some beautiful snow on the ground and the boys have enjoyed "sledging" (British english) on our golf course hills. 

God blessed us with a good services yesterday despite heavy snow early on and temperatures plummeting. The new temporary location works really well. I enjoyed starting the Christmas story yesterday. We looked at the three main characters, Mary, Joseph and Jesus from Matthew 1, "The Story Above All Stories." We had good attendance with just a few of our regulars unable to make it out. Thank you for praying for our services.

I snapped a picture last night as Benson was leading the singing. We're going to miss him when he departs. We'll also be losing a song leader. I'm happy to lead singing, but it's been nice having him take that responsability off me. Thanks for praying for our family as the kids grow up and leave home.