On the first day of the week....

03/11/2019 16:05

We enjoyed a great start to our week in the house of God this morning. Thank you for praying for our services. We began a 4 week leadership training in SS for our adults and teens. I'm thankful for the good spirit in our church about getting involved in our ministry. We've begun a men's class (TNT - Titus and Timothy) at 4:30 as an informal way to help our men with ministry opportunities such as teaching, song leading, evangelism, etc. We had 3 men and two teens plus myself last week.

We now have video on sermon audio, but it takes me longer to upload. I'm still figuring it out. If you watch the beginning of our service this week, you'll enjoy hearing a trio of My Jesus I Love Thee. I preached on 2 Samuel 22:20-25 on Living in a Way God Delights In. David made an interesting statement in that passage when he said, "He Delighteth in Me."

Audio Link

Video Link

We appreciate your prayers, interest and participation in our ministry. Thank you for keeping up with what God is doing at Free Baptist Church.

PS. God gave a wonderful divine appointment yesterday while knocking on doors. Please pray for this atheist to come to faith. We spoke for 40 minutes.