One month completed

11/08/2020 13:13

We have just completed our first of three months of furlough. God has been very good to us. We have seen all of our immediate family and are enjoying great times with all of them. Our meetings are going very well. 

This past Sunday we had a meeting at Grace Baptist in Pelzer with Pastor Ziskowski. On Sunday evening we were at Tabernacle in Greenville with Pastor Logan. Both churches encouraged us and we enjoyed sharing in their ministries. 

Our family is enjoying doing special music as we travel. Logan has also been piping at each church. Pastor Logan called our Logan up on the platform on Sunday PM and had him end the service with piping. He was teasing Logan (14) as he came up there that there were only 8,000 people listening in online. :) Logan did a great job and I recorded a small portion to share with his pipe band and teacher in Scotland.

Our next meeting is at Fellowship Baptist in Taylors. We're going to go to that meeting with a lot of kids. We'll be watching 5 nieces and nephews this weekend as their parents help their oldest sibling move into the dormitory at her Bible college. So, we'll have 11 kids at church with us! We appreciate your prayers for each meeting.

Our church continues to meet online in Scotland. The committee at the center we rent has not yet allowed outside groups to come back. Thank you for praying for the Andersons as they continue with furlough replacement in Scotland.