Only God can....

29/11/2021 11:40

Sometimes as I do evangelism God does something that you have to step back and say, "GOD DID THAT." I'm sure we should say it more often than we do, but there are times where it is SO CLEARLY of God that even unbelievers have to admit it.

Today was a divine appointment like that. It really began about a month ago as I bumped into our former postman. I've seen him 3 times since then and I hadn't seen him much at all in the last 4 years since moving out of the area.

Last week as Don and I did flyers, we saw him and I surprised myself by calling him by name. Today as I saw him, I confirmed his name as he walked past me and he stopped for a wee chat. Tommy from my church was with me. Tommy lives about 7 miles away on the East side of Edinburgh. (We were putting out flyers in Loanhead this morning.)

I invited the postman to our Carol Sing on Christmas Eve and gave him him our new church flyer. Tommy said, "The most important thing is knowing Jesus. Do you know Jesus?" He said that he did and was walking away (about 40 feet from us) when Tommy said very loudly to me, "Ask him if he kens (knows) Tommy Woods." The postman kind of jerked and said, "Who?" Tommy replied and and the postman said, "Ai, I ken Tommy Woods." Tommy said, "You are looking at him." As he walked toward us Tommy said to him, "I thought I recognized my brother-in-law." 

This man and Tommy were, "Best Mates" for several years and then the man started dating Tommy's sister. They were married, had children, and then divorced. Tommy had not seen this man in over 20 years. Tommy was able this morning to challenge this man to find Jesus. 

This is a specific answer to our prayers as we often pray for Tommy's unsaved family. Some of you will remember that a couple years ago Tommy and I witnessed to a woman whom God revealed was Tommy's first cousin. (Their dad's were brothers.) They did not know each other and God revealed their relationship through our conversation. OUR GOD IS GREAT AND ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS.


(This will be long, but here is another story from this morning.)

Tommy gave a flyer to a workman who said, "Give one to the guy in the truck." Tommy passed that info. onto me and I tried to hand the flyer to the driver of the truck who had another man with him in the cab. He refused it and said, "I am a heathen." I said, "You know where heathen go when they die?" He said, "In the ground." (It became clear that his mate wanted him to get "evangelized.") So, I took advantage of the opportunity and gave him a 15 second sermon. I said, "There is a verse in the Bible you should know. The Bible says, 'And whosoever is not found in the book of life is cast into the lake of fire.' God doesn't want you to go there. Jesus died so that you don't have to go there. Without Jesus you will go there. There is your sermon for the day, I hope that it stays with you the rest of the week." Please pray for God's grace to awaken those men's hearts.