28/06/2013 16:56

Thankfully, it didn't get me that bad. But, I got my first dog bite doing flyers. I'm laughing but it could have been serious. I had a pit bull come out an open back door round the corner of the house and bite my Flyer Distribution Tool.  Now, most of you know this as my F.D.T. otherwise known as a plastic cheeseboard. The flyer was presently shredded. No matter how uncool you thought the F.D.T was, it has just saved my hand from a bad mauling. :) He did take a very small piece of skin from my thumb as well.

What did I do, I repeated, "No, no, no, (I wish I would have thought to say, "bad dog.").." at high volume and great soberness. Thankfully the dog's owner wasn't too far behind.

In all seriousness I was thanking the Lord for his protection. That is my first dog bite in three years of doing this. So, if you have lately prayed for our safety, please thank the Lord for answering your prayers.