Our Sunday and two prayer requests

30/11/2020 09:36

We had a good Sunday yesterday. Our attendance on Zoom was pretty good in in the morning. Sunday night was interesting as our oldest person in the congregation was in their early 20's. :) It felt a bit like a youth ministry night, but I preached a message on GIVING BY GRACE from 2 Corinthians 8:1-9. I told them that I'd rather preach to young people than old people (no offence) as young people have their whole life in front of them. Please pray that our young people would learn to grace give as it will be one of the greatest sources of blessing (spiritually and financially) to their lives.

I have two really big prayer requests for good friends who are ministering in Scotland.

1) Don and Chris Dillman are heading to the States to attend Don's father's funeral. Please pray for Don as he preaches the funeral on 2 December.

2) Jon and Terri Gleason - who have served the Lord here as Tent Makers for 26 years, have a major medical prayer request. Terri went into the emergency room on Tuesday night. On Thursday they diagnosed a brain tumor. The Gleasons still have one of their 6 children at home. Please pray for God's intervention, provision and amazing grace for them. The Gleasons had just resigned their church ministry to head back to the States to care for Terri's parents. Please pray for wisdom for all the decisions before them.