Out and about....

12/06/2013 16:40

The weather cleared this afternoon and I was able to get out for a couple hours. I enjoy listening to sermons while I am walking and I really felt the need today. God's good to give you just what you need when you need it.  We have had some ministry hurdles lately and need grace to keep a good pace for the Lord.

I spoke to an older man whose grandfather was a Baptist minister. This man prays but does not know God personally. I told him that our conversation was God's grace to Him. Please pray that the Lord would awaken His heart.

I'm praying about a new evangelistic tool. It is a cd/dvd burner that could make media copies that we could distribute. Please pray for wisdom as I pursue this. I heard a good message by Rev. Jim Binney on How to Forgive. I'm considering putting it through every home in our area or distributing it door to door. We need wisdom about using every means God wants us to use for His glory. Thanks for your prayers.