Outreach and Advertisement

09/03/2021 15:46

I was able to get out yesterday to an area in Edinburgh about a mile from our church location. God gave me a really good divine appointment with 5 teens and I got to do a little "street preaching." (Some people walking by rolled their eyes when they heard what we were talking about.) 

One teen who didn't take a Journey card asked for one at the end of our conversation. He had asked me, "How do you know there is a God when you can't see Him?" I told him he needed to watch my video, "Invisible God. But, You did't take a card.  His mates laughed at him as he said, "What card?" He then remembered refusing my offer. 

Last night we put together a two minute advert which is currently running on Facebook in Scotland. I also uploaded it as a trailer for The Journey Channel on Youtube. We chose a large area for this advert to run because Scotland needs the Gospel. Please pray that God will direct this endeavour to areas of greatest need.

My Journey video today was, "Incomparable God." (Sermon Audio Link.) I am enjoying this focus on Who God Is. Your prayers are much appreciated. I have been much encouraged with God's help in this ministry project.