Outreach and other things.

08/10/2022 12:12

God blessed us with a good week. On Tuesday I put a couple hundred flyers out in an area near our current church location. The weather has been very dodgy (rain, wind and rainbows) for much of the week. Katie and I had good weather for door to door this morning. We also had a great visit with a young family who are excited to be visiting our church. That gave us some much needed encouragement. :)

Our guests from Ukraine are moving out today. God has provided another home for them to live in while they seek to learn the language and find employment. Please pray for God's provision for them. They aren't moving far away, but it will help them have a bit more space and be closer for Mark's schooling. We've enjoyed getting to know their family... and seeing their English skills grow. They are making good progress and we look forward to having some great chats in English in the future.

Also, I heard back last night from the planning department regarding the land of interest. Please pray for wisdom as we digest what they have said. It looks possible, however, there would be many obstacles which we would have to overcome. If God is in it, we know He will show the way forward. If He wants to close to the door, we only want His will. Thanks for praying with us. We love our support team!