Outreach and vehicle update

27/10/2021 11:30

Monday was a study day as I needed to travel on Tuesday to see the vehicle. However, I was able to get out in the afternoon for a wee bit. God gave me two divine appointments. One was with an 18 year old young man and the other is a friend in the community. Please pray that God will work in both these hearts. I spoke with the young man for 10 minutes or so and he kindly took a John and Romans.

Monday evening, I took Benson into the heart of Edinburgh for his driver's theory test. Praise the Lord he passed. It was late at night (8pm) but I did evangelism and people were very good to take the literature. I also witnessed to one young lady who was on a work break.

Tommy, Callum (17) and myself went over to view the vehicle. It's very nice and I think it will work well for our church. We plan to purchase this vehicle. It still needs to pass it's MOT (annual check) be serviced and then they will deliver it over here. We're excited about this tool and trust that we will be able to well us it for the Lord.

We had a youth activity last night with 4 teen boys (including our 3) and 1 teen girl out for the activity. We also had two college students. One of them spoke. We had a great time.

I just got back from putting out a couple hundred more flyers. The flyer we are currently putting out shares the new location of the church. Please continue to pray with us for visitors who will either come on their own, or contact us for a ride. 

We appreciate your prayers and thank God for His leading with regard to the vehicle. These are VERY difficult to find.

About the vehicle: made by GM (Renault Master) 2012, 17 seats including the driver, 88k miles, diesel.