Outreach in Bilston

05/01/2021 12:20

I enjoyed getting out this morning with Gospel flyers in a village next door to Loanhead. It attaches to Loanhead on one side as our area is really growing.

God gave me two divine appointments. I've prayed recently that God would give us a builder in our church. Lord willing in the future, we will be able to get a building and need wisdom how make it everything that God would have it be. A builder would be a great assett. I witnessed to two men this morning and both are builders. :) I'd obviously loved to see them saved for other reasons. But, I'd also like to see God answer my prayer and give us a builder in our church family.

You may have seen in the news that England and Scotland have gone into a full lockdown. Our schools will not open until at least February. Churches are forbidden to meet together. People are told that they are to stay at home accept for work, essential shopping, health needs, etc. Please pray for grace for our church family as we seek God's leading through this. We're already only online as our centre closed before New Years. Thank you for praying with us.