Outreach this week...minibus...

10/11/2021 13:08

Tommy and I went out yesterday morning in Loanhead. God gave us a divine appointment with a young woman who used to attend our church with her mum. I hope we'll see her visit at our new location. We also enjoyed visiting with an elderly man who has not been back to our church since covid.

Today I was in Livingston with Pastor Dillman and a man from his church. We didn't have any witnessing opportunities but we were able to get out several hundred flyers.

Yesterday was an exciting day as we received our new church vehicle. It is a 2012, diesl, semi-automatic, Renault Master (GMC), 17 seat, with 88k miles on it. We're excited and looking forward to using this tool for the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. It was a very difficult search and it is obvious that God has provided for our need.