Outreach this week....

08/02/2017 13:12

I had two great witnessing opportunities on Monday as I took bus into Edinburgh to hand out flyers. It was cold and I didn't know what kind of lengthy opportunities I would get. The first conversation was with a lady who doesn't think you have to go to church to pray. She believes in God and prays. The Lord gave us a good short discussion as I asked her, "But how do you get rid of your sin." I was able to share the Gospel with her.

The second opportunity was really good. A young college student from Lithuania, Thomas,was visitng a friend in Edinburgh. Thomas attends a University in England. He believes in God and evolution. I spoke with Thomas for thirty minutes and he thanked me for the conversation. I really believe the Lord was working in this young man's heart. Please pray for God to open his eyes.

Today, Don and I did flyers in some nearby villages. We finished the village of Pathhead and did another small village nearby. It was good fellowship. Please pray for the Dillmans as they are beginning a new work in Newbridge. God has already brought some folks there way but it is never easy to get going. Please pray for God to keep their wee group together and to add to it.