Outreach this week....

06/07/2017 13:22

The Lord has given us a good week. On Monday my family helped me put out the HBC flyer through the village of Auchendinny. We met a 7 year old who we hope will come. We also had a lady email about registration. So, Lord willing, both of those contacts will come to HBC. It was fun putting out flyers as a family. 

Yesterday, Jonathan, George and I went an hour away into the Scottish Borders near where Fraser lives. He wasn't home (he was actually up in Loanhead) but we had good ministry opportunities. The fellowship was great and we put out a good number of flyers. We had a couple small divine appointments as well.

Please pray for George. He is off on his evangelistic travels now as a representative of Faith Mission. We'll probably see him next in September.

This next week is our first week of HBC. Please pray for the Spirit of God to bring children and families along. Please also pray for every Bible lesson and Gospel opportunity. We're going to have a half hour prayer time each day. Please pray for God's special blessing upon those times.

The Hikin family is also moving next week. So, they have a particularly busy week as they get their things packed and unpacked. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers for their move. (They aren't moving away from the church.) It is a move within our area.