Outreach this week....

29/11/2017 13:16

It was good to get out with Don Dillman today and do flyers in our area. We were able to get the flyer out to several hundred houses. It's a difficult time of year to have conversations with people outside as it is very cold. Please pray for divine appointments.

Now we are getting ready to head out to visit some missionary friends (Arvin and Marcia Devers) on the other side of the country (sounds a long ways away but it isn't too far - just about 2 hours). Marcia had a knee replacement surgery and it has been a difficult recovery. Please pray for God's great grace for them and for her new knee to heel up. It will be fun to catch up with them.

We're also going to see a possible new member of our family. We've been praying about getting a dog and are going to see a goldendoodle puppy. I'm sure we'll let you know if we end up getting her. She won't be ready to leave her mum for another few weeks. If you are wondering what breed is a golden doodle - the mother is a golden retriever and the dad is a standard poodle. We need extra wisdom in chosing a dog as we often have guests in our home and will need a dog who is managable for our furlough replacement. These seem to fit the bill. 

We got some of our Christmas decorations up yesterday. Please continue to pray for the ladies Christmas meeting on Monday. Thank you for your prayers.