Outreach this week

13/02/2019 13:14

On Monday I finished an area which another man in my church had helped me with last week. That housing scheme contains about 400-450 homes. Today Pastor Dilman and I headed out to Biggar. I've had a burden for Biggar since soon after arriving here. God has given me some very interesting divine appointments. Today God gave us a few divine appointments. I witnessed briefly to a man who was a police officer in Northern England for 30 years. He said that because of that, he knew all about sin. 

We also spoke with a retired church of Scotland minister as well as the current minister. Both are born again. I spoke with them about coming out of the church of Scotland. The church of Scotland is Presbyterian and began strongly evangelical with John Knox and the Protestant Reformation. However, when you baptize babies and make church membership available to unbelievers, you very quickly lose your salt and light. The big problem most recently has to do with the Church of Scotland speaking lies in God's name regarding marriage. The Bible has been corrected by modern religion and faith has been undermined. Please pray for God to awaken the State Church as it would have a great impact on the sleeping population. 

Our church is praying for Biggar and are thankful that we had the opportunity to sow some Gospel seed in that community today.