Outreach Update

25/01/2013 22:27

Today I had planned to go to Dundee today and help Missionary Sandy Edgar get some information out into his community. But, the Lord had other plans. A heavy band of snow moved into the area and made us cancel our plans this morning. We hope to reschedule and get back up there. Thank you for praying for that ministry.

I did drive half way to Dundee to meet my inlaws and bring them back to our home for the weekend. Praise the Lord for some family time. We also enjoyed having a former neighbor over this evening with her daughter.

Kay Lee is doing very well. Thank you for praying for her illness. Katie on the other hand has decided to lose her voice. We would appreciate your prayers for her ministry on Sunday.

My evangelistic flyer arrived today. Lord willing we will begin putting that out soon. Yesterday I invited a friend to attend and he said he would be there. It seems likely that he will. Please pray for him. The Lord also gave us a good service last night.  We had 6 adults and 14 kids in total.  Thanks for your prayers.