outreach update

31/08/2017 10:38

I enjoyed getting out with Don Dillman yesterday and putting out flyers in his area. We were down below the Forth Road Bridge on a Historic day as the Queensferry Crossing Bridge opened to replace the Forth Road Bridge. My family is looking forward to going accross the new bridge which is the tallest bridge in Britain and also broke a guiness world record.

We didn't have any significant divine appointments but we had some good fellowship. I'm glad to be getting back into the normal outreach routine after a busy summer.

I forgot to mention that the young lady who visited 2 Sundays ago was back this past Sunday night. She is making plans to be here this evening as well. So, that is a blessing. Please pray that our church can help her in her walk with the Lord.

God's good. There has been much accomplished this week regarding our desire to purchase a home. Lord willing, we will know within this next week what will take place. Thank you for praying.