Outreach update

31/07/2018 11:16

God has given a couple very good divine appointments recently.

In Germany I was out walking pretty early in the morning and God allowed me to speak with Michael. I spoke with him for 25 minutes about God and the Gospel. Please pray for God to awaken his heart. He was very intent on what I was sharing.

Sunday I had the opportunity to speak with the step father of a girl who attends our church. God had prepared his heart a bit as he had just watched a documentary on Noah's ark. Please pray that this man will come to saving faith. We also spoke for over 20 minutes

Yesterday, we took the day to show Holly the Highlands. On our way we stopped at "The Green Welly." I had a divine appointment with a lady from Belarus. She is Buddhist. She is the second devout budhist I have witnessed to in the past week. (God gave me a divine appointment on our return flight with a Buddhist from Thailand.) Please pray for God's great grace to awaken these hearts as well.

This morning, Benson, Kay Lee, Holly and Nelson, helped me put out flyers in Loanhead. God gave a few divine appointments. One was with the grandmother of a lad who attended our HBC in Auchendinny last year. Hopefully, he will come to our Loanhead one next week. Another was with a man to whom I witnessed over 6 years ago. The conversation is still vivid in both of our minds and I remembered his name. Please pray for Peter. Another was with a lady I witnessed to a year ago. Please pray that Helen will visit our church. God's good to help me remember these names and to give further opportunities. Thank you for praying for these witnessing opportunities.