Outreach update

23/05/2023 20:07

We had a visiting pastor (and his family) from the States with us on Sunday PM. We had never met Pastor David Webb before, but enjoyed getting to know him and his family. We met them on Monday and showed them some of the religious history in Edinburgh. 

Afterwards Logan stayed down there with  me and I did street preaching on Princess St. for an hour. Please pray for God to give me greater endurance. It takes a lot of energy to street preach and there are many added noise issues of busses, trams, emergency vehicles, etc. . I'd appreciate your prayers for God's enablement in that regard. 

Today I put leafletts out near our church. God gave me a couple divine appointments. Please pray for people who want to come out to have the courage to do so. Please also pray that they will overcome any obstacles in their path to get themselves there.