Outreach update

22/06/2023 17:24

God has given us a good week of evangelism. Logan helped me put out between 4-5 hundred flyers on Monday. I was able to get out again on Wednesday with literature. I had a great Gospel conversation which I hope will lead to a future opportunity. The man thanked me and twice shook my hand in appreciation of my sharing some thoughts with him from God's Word. 

Today was different in that I studied this morning and did street preaching this afternoon. I normally preach in the mornings. It was a good outing, albeit not without oppostion. I've had my speaker kicked before. Today I had an older man spit at my speaker. I said, "That's ok. They spit on Jesus when they crucified him as well." 

Interesingly, I usually get encouragement as well. A young lady who is a believer, stood by for quite some time. As I finished up she really encouraged me in what I was doing. Praise the Lord. Please pray for the power of God as I get into Edinburgh to preach. I really feel my weakness and inability as I seek to declare God's truth on the street.

This Saturday is our Gala (children's fair) day. We're looking forward to that day of ministry. Some of the parade group will be assembling in our church car park and we hope to invite them in for some hospitality. Please pray that we can be a physical and spiritual blessing both on our property and at the park. Thanks for your prayers.