Outreach with Pastor Dillman

04/07/2018 21:38

Don and I were able to put out flyers for a couple of hours this morning. The area we were in was very hard. I don't know why. It was a beautiful day but people were not very friendly. Please pray for God's Word to open some of the hearts in that community.

We enjoyed having a bbq and campfire tonight with the Dillmans. The 4th of July is one holiday that is often neglected by us here. It was fun to enjoy some good fellowship and the beautiful evening.

The Sunday night outreach went well. God gave us a fun time and we had a couple divine appointments. A lady texted me this evening and let me know that her daughter would be able to come to 3 of our HBC days next week in Auchendinny. Benson, Kay Lee and Holly helped me put out more flyers in Auchendinny and Loanhead yesterday. Thank you for praying for our outreach.