Outreach with Tommy

05/11/2018 13:21

A man in our church went out with me this morning to finish putting flyers through the village of Roslin. It's nice to have that time of fellowship as well as ministry. I had one divine appointment with a man who has never lied. :) Please pray for God to open His eyes to His truth.

Interestingly, yesterday morning my wife realized that we had people in church from Penicuick, Auchendinny, Bilston, Loanhead, Bonnyrigg (all nearby villages) accept for the nearby village of Roslin. She mentioned it that afternoon and that night an older man visited our church. His jacket said, "Roslin bowling club." (For those who are picturing ten pen bowling, the bowling club is lawn bowling.) It was just a reminder that God has the ability to reach out to any village. Please pray that these mining villages on the southern side of Edinburgh would turn to Jesus.

Please also pray for our monthly ladies' meeting which is tonight. Katie shares a Bible study at our home and the ladies enjoy a cup of tea together.