26/11/2019 14:37

The weather isn't beautiful but it is do-able. The ground at this time of year is soaked all the time because of the frequent showers and high humidity. I walked Duchess this morning on a fog shrouded quiet morning. It is actually quite restful to have constant cloud cover. (Although, It does make you want to sleep more.)

I began putting out our Christmas flyer in Loanhead this morning. Please pray that God puts a desire into the hearts of people in our community to join us on Christmas Eve. It's always a very fun service upon which we always see God's blessing. The flyers has Luke account of the birth of Jesus Christ on it.

Our church is looking forward to our Thanksgiving service. Because our church meets on Thursday nights, we always have a service on Thanksgiving. But, several times we have made it a Praise service with several people getting involved. We've invited some friends to visit on that night and would appreciate your prayers for visitors to attend.

Thanks for praying.