08/12/2020 11:10

I have been able to get out both mornings so far this week. Yesterday morning I was collecting a Christmas present for one of our kids on the other side of Edinburgh. So, I decided to put out a couple hundred flyers in that area. It ended up being an area that I had gone through before.

Today, Tommy (a man in our church) and I, put out flyers for a couple of hours in Loanhead. Almost all of Loanhead has now received the Journey flyer. I have two more areas yet to do and then it is finished.

I enjoyed seeing an older friend of mine this morning. Please pray for God to work in his life and for his wife's health. She had a heart attack a few months ago. I gave him the literature about the journey and he's going to try to find it online. However, he says that he's not very good with technology. I hope that he can find it or that his son can help him.

Thanks for praying for our outreach.  Onward, forward....

Prayer updates - Terri Gleason has surgery scheduled tomorrow for her brain tumour. She and Jon are very grateful for your prayers. Jon told the doctor that thousands of people around the globe will be praying for him.