29/06/2021 13:23

This morning I put flyers out in Loanhead for about 2 hours. I enjoyed catching up with several friends in Loanhead. One elderly Christian couple, Robert and Ruth, have been precious friends since we arrived here. Robert has terminal cancer and ended up in hospital a month ago. Please pray that God will allow him to come home. The Covid rules here still do not allow for hospital visits. I prayed with Ruth and she is demonstrating sweet confidence in the Lord.

Thank you for praying for our building need. The primary burden may be different from what you think. Many would naturally think that we are burdened primarily to own a building. However, though we desire that, it is not our primary burden. Our primary burden is that we are not currently able to meet in our original church location. (We are 3 miles away from Loanhead.) Secondly, we are not able to meet together for all of our services because the rental facility does not have our hours available. I would say that thirdly would be our desire to own a buildling and have 24/7 access. We appreciate your continued prayers.