08/09/2021 14:03

Don and I put out flyers in a village which is about 15 minutes from our new church location. In case you are wondering, the new location is a mile from Loanhead (our original location.) It is close to a sister village of Bilston although it is on a Edinburgh University Campus.

God gave two really good divine appointments today. One was with a man who believes, "There is something." The other was with a young man (18) who is trusting in his goodness. Please pray for God's fruit to be born into these men's hearts.

I'm very excited to say that our final zoom meeting is this evening. Our church has responded well to being on zoom and I've never heard a complaint regarding it. We're thankful that God gave it to us for such a time as this. However, it is with great joy we prepare to meet in person for all of our services.

This Sunday, we are taking a love offering for a church minibus (van.) Lord wiling, I will soon be able to share of God's provision of a vehicle. We will be able to keep it parked at our new church location. Thanks for praying with us and for us.