Painting with Alec

10/12/2013 15:33

Benson and I just got back from painting with Alec. He is doing well. Thanks for praying for his health. A new medication seems to be meeting his needs. Thanks for praying for him.

Yesterday I was able to get out with Carol Sing flyers. One ladies response was especially encouraging. "I love Carol Sings. I will be there." Please pray that she will come. She was older. So, I trust her word a bit more than the younger generations.

A JW called me by name yesterday. I had spoken to her in her garden for about a half hour over a year ago. She was out with another lady giving out JW material. I took their Bible and showed them some passages about the deity of Christ. (I had taken my Bible out of my bag and had forgotten to put it back.) I told them they ought to be concerned about the fact that their Bible had changed these passages about Christ's deity. Please pray that God will awaken their hearts. They'd be great soul winners if they would get saved.

We have several ladies who are planning to attend the Neighborhood Christmas Tea. Please pray that nothing will hinder them from coming. Last year was remarkable for how many ladies had legitimate excuses for not making it. We really hope that those who have indicated they are coming will be able to come. Thanks for praying for these needs.