Parker and I...

26/11/2016 13:56 out and knocked on some doors this morning. It was a bit warmer today. We've had frost on the ground for the last 4 days which never melted. The Lord gave us a few good opportunities to invite people to church and one good opportunity to open the Bible with one lady. Please pray that God will awaken her heart. 

We enjoyed our family time with the Thanksgiving holiday. Yesterday we got the house decorated for Christmas. Katie has her Ladies' Christmas meeting one week from Monday. It's always a highlight of the year and the festive decorations make for a very nice evening. Katie has already begun baking things for that evening. Please pray for a good turnout and for Katie as she prepares to share God's Word.

We had a fun youth activity last night. To have this youth activity you just need a wood or cement floor, a tube of glow sticks and some electrical tape. We put lines on either side of the room with electrical tape. We also used a couple glow sticks on the tape. We then made a bracelet with a glow stick (that was our puck) and used our feet to kick it. If you kicked the puck between the glow stick (on your oponents side of the room) you got 3 points. If it crossed the line outside the glow stick you got one point. If you kicked it over your own goal line on accident the other team got 5 points. It was basically like a combination of soccer, football and hockey. If you can figure that out - you win!