Plan B

07/09/2022 11:48

Tommy didn't have a car to meet up with me today and so, "Plan B" was me collecting him and putting out flyers in his area. Tommy lives just outside the Edinburgh City Limits on the East side of the city. The city is growing out in all directions and so there are many new housing schemes. We probably put out about  250 flyers and had two witnessing opportunities. Both of these men had obvious needs which Jesus could meet. One had a health need after suffering a heart attack in his late 20's. The other was smoking a joint. Please pray for God to open their eyes to his truth.

The flyer we were putting out is the, "Open Letter." We've had some negative feedback at times, but we know that God's Word needs to be lifted up. Please pray for the light to shine brightly and that even unbelievers would begin to recognise what they lose when God is silenced.

Meanwhile, one of the street preaching opportunities from Monday is running on Facebook as an advert. Our Facebook is Free Baptist Lothian. If you'd like to view that street preaching video on sermon audio, here is a link.  Please pray that God will use the preaching of the Gospel to touch the hearts of people in our area. We're running this add within a ten mile radius of our church. I know these adds work as I have met people in our area who have seen them. God's good. We appreciate your prayers very much.