Posting the New Flyer

26/01/2013 15:53

Today I began putting out our evangelistic meeting flyer.  I enjoyed being back at it and the weather was agreeable.  The Lord gave me a few opportunities to invite people. I also had an opportunity to briefly witness.

Today we have added a ministry opportunity to our February schedule. We will be hosting a pastor's fellowship to coincide with the Monday of our evangelistic meetings. Please pray that God will bless that ministry and that many will be able to attend.  We will have a 3:30 preaching service. Afterwards we are going to open our home for everyone to bring in their own dinner. (We have many take away restaurants near us.)  We will meet back at the "church" for a prayer meeting at 6:15 and the evangelistic meetings will begin at 7:00 on that night and the two following nights. We covet your prayers for God's power to open hearts to the Gospel in those evening services.  Thanks for praying.