potential changes

30/08/2021 08:31

God blessed us with a good Sunday. Our attendance was down, however, we had a sweet spirit in our time together and were encouraged in the Lord. I enjoyed preaching a message on finding the will of God and doing it - Buy The Land, Jeremiah 32.

Our church may be on that brink of having all services in one location and NOT on zoom. (Can I hear and, "Amen?") :) God has been good to give us grace to be on zoom. Our church family has endured, but as you would imagine, zoom is not ideal. We are very excited about this potential and should know very soon if this is certain.

Our church is also praying for a 17 seat minibus (van). Our family has collected peopel for 11 years with our vehicles. However, our bigger vehicle has been full lately and we'd like to increase our capacity to bring people to church. Please pray with us about this. Manual vehicles are by far the most common. We'd like to get an automatic as it would allow for us to have more drivers available. It really is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, please pray for God's provision and wisdom. 

No more information is currently available about the property. I'm still waiting to hear back from the owner to see what price they are seeking on the property. Thank you for your prayers for all of the above. We often see the answers to your intercession and praise God for your impact at Free Baptist Church in Scotland.