Praise God for two baptised today!

20/01/2019 16:00

The Lord gave us a wonderful morning. There are many things to be thankful for. First, I'd say I'm thankful that God gave us grace to have a baptism despite air leaking from our baptistry. (There is apparently a leak in our portable hot tub.) Thankfully we realized it last night and were able to fill it up a few times and keep it filled with water. It was fine for the baptism but I'll need to get this sorted before next time. (Prayer for wisdom is appreciated. :))

God also gave us a good weather day. We had good attendance at church and at the baptism. There is a very sweet spirit in our church just now and excitement about what God is doing. I preached this moring on Joseph of Armathea, "Stewards of the Body of Christ." We used all the Gospel texts. It's interesting to think that only Nicodemus and Joseph had a stewardship of our Lord's earthly body. They took it up when He could no longer do so. We also have a unique stewardship of His spiritual body. 

I preached at the Baptism as well as I shared the story of the healing of the Leper. He had to go to the priests and offer  a sacrifice that would give great glory to God. It was a unique testimony of the fact that Jesus was the Messiah.  We likewise saw a unique testimony through the waters of baptism from someone who had trusted in Jesus for forgiveness of sin and been cleansed. Karen and and her son, Benjamin were baptized. Her 17 year old boy and gran came. God is doing great things in this family. Please pray that it will continue.

God is very, very, good! We are rejoicing in Him. Thank you very much for working together with us in prayer.