Praises and prayer requests

19/06/2024 21:12

I want to thank the Lord for giving me Katie (Hansen) to be my wife. We celebrated 24 years of marriage on Monday. Tuesday was a special day as I enjoyed a day of prayer at Blair Atholl with 4 other men. Today, my family got back to work on the church building. We are painting the front of the church...around the windows, soffets, and sandstone foundation. After a LOT of rainy weather (weeks/months), our weather is finally settled for a few days in a row. Please pray for God's guidance and blessing as we work to finish this part of the project.

We enjoyed our fellowship tonight at church. We are studying the life of David. Tonight was lesson 58 and David has just been made King of Israel and Judah. It's been a good study

Satuday is the Loanhad Gala Day. Our church will be participating as usual and providing archery/ badge (button) making and a bean bag toss. We'll be inviting children to our HBC and giving out some invites to our church as well. Please pray with us for a good weather day and God's blessing upon our activities. Thanks for praying.