24/04/2021 22:27

It has been an encouraging week as we got ready for some special events tomorrow. Pastor Don Dillman will be preaching our 6PM service as we charter our church. In our Sunday School hour (5PM) we will have a baptismal service. Abby (11) is getting baptised and our Mac (6) is getting baptised. At least two adult visitors are supposed to be in attendance. Please pray for God to work in all of our hearts.

Praise the Lord, the weather is good and we have the baptistry (portable hot tub) set up and warming up. It is going to get cold tonight (32) degrees. Please pray that all goes well overnight. :) It should be mid 50's for the baptism tomorrow...with MUCH higher water temperatures - that is the nice thing about a hot tub.

We had special encouragement today as a church gave $1600 towards our building fund. We are praying earnestly for God to make a way for us to purchase the bank building. I know that many of your are praying as well. God is able. Please keep praying with us.

May God bless each of you with His manifest presence in your Lord's day services with your local church family. Thank you for keeping up with our family and ministry.