Pray for John

25/02/2021 11:09

God encouraged me yesterday with a comment from an atheist. He watched all of Invisible God (Youtube) and then took the time to comment. You may think it would discourage me. But, I'm reminded of a man in God's Word of whom the Bible can say, "He now preacheth the faith which once he destroyed." (Apostle Paul) Please pray for John's salvation. I'll share his comment below.

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Please pray with us that God will help us reach as large an audience as possible for His glory. The segment this morning was entitled, Loving God. (Youtube)

Thank you for your prayers as we take some steps of faith to get out the Gospel. Below are John's Comment. If you look on the Youtube channel, you will see my response to his comment.

"Is it possible to perceive God when he can not be seen? .........No.

Most people that do not believe in God do not believe in aliens as you claim.

We can feel and mesaure wind. We can make wind. Aircraft fly because of wind. The analogy 'we can't see wind therfore God" does not work.

Ditto for gravity.

Anecdotal evidence (God workde in my life) is not evidence.

God did not cure your son, the Doctors did. (How about giivng them the credit instead of your God?)

So God let all your dads family die in a crash but your God fixed your dads back? (nice one God)

My friend, this is nonsense, but I do respect your right to believe in your God.

You have a nice way of speaking and I enjoyed your video.

John (A very happy atheist) :)"