Pray for Saturday nights

09/09/2012 20:09

Today really began last night.  If you think about people in ministry (including your pastor) it's probably a good idea to pray for their Saturday nights.  Last night was a bit unusual for us and, although life is like that at times, you are reminded that you are in a spiritual battle.  None of these things that I'll share are a big deal but they made for a rough nights sleep.  One child was crying around 11:30 with leg pains and needed medication.  At midnight the youngest was crying because he was cold. At 1:00 another child insisted on sleeping with us because of a bad dream.  At 3:00 I had to put him back in bed. (Parents, I know you are nodding your head in sympathy saying, "One of those nights.")  It's amazing for us how often those nights come before ministry days. So, we appreciate your prayers for God's extra grace when preparing for ministry.

God did give us a good day today.  We knew last night that the Hikins would be unable to attend church because Mark is ill.  Margaret who visited two weeks ago returned.  She is a sweet Christian lady who lives about 15 miles away.  The Hughes family also visited today.  They've just moved about a half hour away.  Josh visited by himself a couple months ago.  It was good to meet the family.

Just before our evening service I enjoyed skyping with a supporting church in Geneseo, Illinois.  I'm glad they included us in their service. Afterwards it was just our family for church.  So, we had a prayer and praise service.  The Lord really encouraged my heart through that time. When you can have a good service with just your family you know the Lord is at work.  That's all we need. Thanks for participating in what God is doing in Scotland.