prayer request updates

22/12/2012 10:43

Thank you for your prayers for Jeff Smith and Daniel Dillman.

Jeff's surgery to remove the tumor went very well. The incision has remained dry and free from infection. The Lord gave Him some witnessing opportunities the last night he was in the hospital. One of those men said that he will visit their church after the new year. He came home from the hospital yesterday.

Daniel's eye surgery also went well. They got him in early and did the surgery yesterday morning. He was blind all day yesterday but his sight is returning today. He has special contacts to keep his eyelid from rubbing on his eyes. They are going to stay in London until Christmas eve.

I know that they would both appreciate your continued prayers for their full recovery.

We are getting in Holiday mode. Katie just got back from the shops and said it is crazy out there. We are ready to enjoy some good family time this next week. Thanks for all the Christmas greetings and financial gifts. You are a great encouragement to our family. Thanks for being on our ministry team.

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: I just checked my email and good friends of ours in Paupua New Guinea are going through a trial. Please pray for them. I'll put his update below. 

Dear praying friends,
I'm writing to ask you to pray for our family right now. As you know, my wife Lauren was expecting a baby in May. We were saddened to find out today that our baby has passed away. The doctor has asked us to stay in town for a few days, to keep monitoring Lauren's condition. Please be praying for our three girls as we try to help them understand what has happened, and why we cannot be home for Christmas. Also, please be praying for our people back in the village, as they will be without a pastor for the special Christmas Day service and festivities. Most of all, please pray for Lauren as her body and emotions go through this time of upheaval. I cannot adequately express how much it means to know that people all around the world are praying for us during this trial.
In Christ,
Ben Childs