Prayer Requests

21/07/2012 15:45

We have had a bit of illness this week.  Katie and Logan have already had it.  Nelson and Kay Lee are currently running significant fevers.  Please pray for wisdom, grace and healing.  We start tomorrow and don't stop (kind of) until next Friday. We'd really like to have no need to have anyone stay at home.  So, do pray please.

We also viewed a home today that would work very well. We are interested if the Lord works out all of the details.  We appreciate your prayers.

The Lord gave me a divine appointment this morning as I fueled up at ASDA (Walmart.) The attendant stood and chatted with me as I was filling up.  It is a gorgeous day *(PRAISE THE LORD) and that started our conversation. Please pray that God will do a good work in Mark's heart.  

(Below is a photo of the home that we are currently considering and praying about. Thanks for your prayers.)