Prayer Support Needed for Andersons

18/09/2023 20:06

Thank you for praying for Brother Steve. He has now been in the hospital in Scotland for 23 days. Travel plans are now in place to get him back to the States. Please pray for TREMENDOUS grace from God to help them. God has been faithful thus far and there is no doubt His grace will see them through. But, prayer makes ALL the difference and I know that they could really use that extra boost just now.

We love having Martha and Ben stay with us. But, it will be best for their family to have him them all safely back in Michigan with Brother Steve in a stroke rehabilitation facilty. Thank you for praying for them.

Thank you as well for praying for our work on the sanctuary. Oriel O'Gorman and his son, Shaun helped us today and will help us again tomorrow. The Roths having helped us tremendously, are leaving now on a road trip around the highlands. We are very thankful for their assistance. We are MUCH farther along in our sanctuary project and thank God for His goodness in getting us to this point. We have one last final day of focused labour on this phase of that project. We appreciate your prayers.