Prayer time and evangelism.

06/10/2015 16:11

This morning I enjoyed praying with Pastor Keith Mills and Satith,a man from his church. I've begun monthly revival prayer times for pastor's in our area who are able to attend. Satith and I went into Edinburgh afterwards to do some evangelism. We had several good opportunities to share the Gospel. The best was with Edward who has recently lost his eyesight. He has had both retinas recently re-attached. Please pray for his spiritual and physical eyesight. The Lord gave us a break in the rain from 11-2 which was just what we needed. We got soaked getting back to the car but not while we were doing evangelism.

Katie's ladies' meeting went very well last night. There were 8 ladies and 3 girls present. They all enjoyed Katie's study on encouragement. 

Late last night Katie and I took Laura (who attends our church) to the hospital. Her mum was taken there by ambulance. Please pray that God will heal her mum and that the Dr.'s will have wisdom to diagnose the problem. 

Thank you for your prayers!