Prayer Updates

01/12/2020 11:15

Thank you for praying for our friends who are going through different trials. Here is an update....

1) The Dillmans are currently flying to the USA and Don's father's funeral is tomorrow. Please pray for Don as he gives the eulogy at the funeral.

2) Jon Gleason has let everyone know that Terri's health is deteriorating very quickly. Two weeks ago they were going on brisk two mile walks. Yesterday she fell four times. The kids are coming back. Please pray that they are allowed to see their mom despite the covid restrictions. 

I was able to get out this morning and yesterday morning to put out flyers. The Lord encouraged me today as I had a very good divine appointment. Please pray that this mother will visit our church. I'd love to see she and her older son attend our ministry.

I was also encouraged as a young man said, "Hey, I've talked to you before." He remembered several years ago speaking with me on one of our area walking paths. Since we talked and he remembered me, I'm sure we talked about the Lord. Please pray that God will work in his heart. It seems that he has his own family now and I'd love to see a young family reached with the Gospel.

God's good. He's working in our area. Please pray for fruit that will remain.