Prayers Appreciated

01/07/2020 10:17

God gave us a good fellowship time yesterday. There were several missionaries from England, Scotland and Wales, about 10 in total. That was our last Zoom fellowship meeting for the Covid-19 outbreak. It's been good to get together. I preached a message on not stopping our run. Thank you for praying.

Please continue to pray for our furlough travels. Lord willing, the Andersons won't have difficulty with their flights and they will arrive on Sunday. Because of the recent worsening of the pandemic in the US, Europe has not opened it's doors to US travelers. The UK is open as far as we know. 

Meanwhile, last night we went to check our flights and they had changed them. The flights they had rebooked us on originated in Paris. (No, we haven't moved and we still live in Scotland.) After an hour and a half on hold with the airline, I rebooked for flights on Thursday instead of Wednesday next week. This is all getting a bit tiring, but God is giving grace and guidance. Please pray that we can pass these final hurdles and get on furlough.