Praying ahead for our Stronger Family Seminar

19/05/2019 13:30

We are excited to be at a week of ministry which we have anticipated for many months. This coming Friday - Sunday nights at 6:00 PM we are having our Stronger Family Seminar. Dr. and Mrs. Steadman will be arriving to spend these days in ministry with us. Please pray for the power of God in these meetings.

We enjoyed a good Lord's day. There are a number of young families in our church. Please pray for Katie as she leads our children's ministry and creshe (nursery). Please also pray that God will do a great work in these young families lives.

I preached this morning on 1 Samuel 12 - Turn Not Aside. Samuel's final address to the children of Israel as he challenged them to stay with God. Thank you for your prayers for our preaching/ teaching ministry.

Thursday night we are going to use our midweek service to be a prayer service in preparation for what God is going to do in our hearts this next weekend. We appreciate your joining with us in intercession for this week.