Pre-application Advice

19/10/2021 09:00

We were able to submit pre-application plans yesterday on the property of interest. Our desire in doing this is that 1) Without paying anything we can see if the counsel will grant us permission to put a church on this site. 2) They will advise us on what we should do when we apply to make it a successful application. Please pray for God's perfect will even if it is "dissappointing" to us.

IF it is an open door with regard to permissions, please then pray for God's provision to purchase the property. We not only need permission, we need God to supply the need.

The third thing we are praying about (and most importantly) is for God to strengthen our church numerically and spiritually. I'm praying that God will have us at an average attendance of 50 when we move into our property. We are currently in the mid 20's in weekly attendance.

 Thank you for praying with us. (Below is an idea of what we'd like to build.)